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Paying Homage to a Timeless Classic


While its widely debated where the Mystery Bowl and Mystery Girl originated from, its roots in Tiki history are undeniable. The Scorpion Bowl was originally a Trader Vic's staple, but it wasn't long before someone thought to up the ante on the creation. A visit to the Kahiki, The Luau, or the Mai-kai circa 1960s saw the Mystery Bowl start to make an appearance. Someone would hit a gong to announce the arrival of the mystery bowl and the "Mystery Girl" a provocatively dressed woman,  would bring out the cocktail with flames and all, kiss the patron on the cheek, and then place a lei over their heads. The mystery girl would then bow to a Tiki idol before returning back to regular service. This wondrous creation from cocktail to the execution of its showman ship high lights what makes Tiki cocktails and culture so fun, that being the exotic mystery and spectacle that has made itself a staple of the sub genre of cocktails.

Fast forward to present day Boston's Tiki Rock and you can find an homage to this piece of Tiki history. The bartenders use this remnant of Tiki cultures days of old to rotate not only their favorite creations, but highlights of Tiki cocktails from their long history.

Come on in and ask the waitstaff about our rotating mystery girl!